10 Amazing Hairstyles For Kids With Short Hair

1. Box Braids With Beads

Colorful beads are a popular hair accessory for children. They are simple and a fun way to experiment with short haircuts for kids!

2. Messy Braided Bun

Even a sloppy braided bun may make your child appear lovely. It's a simple updo hairstyle that keeps their hair out of their eyes and enables them to play freely while looking adorable! 

3. High Ponytail

A high ponytail is adorable and simple for any parent to create at any time of day! This neat hairdo keeps your child's hair away of his or her face during playing. 

4. Braided Pigtail

Pigtails look fantastic and tidy. But what if you add braids to your child's pigtails? She will undoubtedly like it! This style wonderfully combines athletic and feminine feelings. 

5. Bob With One Colored Braid

Braids look great on children's hair, but what if we take it a step further? Adding a single colorful braid to her hair might help her stand out from the crowd! 

6. Double French Braids

If your young girl enjoys sports or any other activity, this hairdo is ideal for her! This will keep her short locks in place as she engages in exciting activities. 

7. Bunched Up Knot

Isn't it sweet? The lovely bangs and knot on the young girl's hair are adorable! This is a fairly simple look, and kids like accessories; they can't get enough of them.

8. Princess Braid

A lovely appearance for any tiny princess. I love how the hair is braided up and then blended into the overall design. This is also useful for dancing performances and pageants.

9. Twisted Ponytails

This is one of the simplest short hairstyles for kids that won't take long and may be dressed up with attractive hair accessories, like ribbons!

10. Criss Cross Pigtails

This is a really fascinating and unique hairdo that would look great on both short and medium length hair.

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