10 Cool Hairstyles For Women With Really Short Hair

1. Choppy Baby Bangs

The baby bangs are the most important part of this short bob. Depending on the shape of your face, you can try out short bangs that aren't the norm.

2. Classic Buzz Cut

This is a really cool short hairstyle. What's shorter than a classic buzz cut, if we're talking about really short hair? For a stronger look, dye your hair blonde or another light color.

3. Slick Back

It's clean, stylish, and easy to use. When your short hair is coming out, it can be hard to take care of it. Just put a little bit of light wax on them and comb them back.

4. Slick Side-Part

This is the trendiest way to wear short hair. Instead of putting it all back, try a neat side part. This looks great for both dressy and casual occasions.

5. The Swoop

This one will make people talk about it for days. The sides are pulled back, and the middle has swoops and twists that make it look like a mohawk.

6. Edgy Layered Bob

The stacked bob with an edge is stylish and chic. The layers in the front are shorter, while the layers in the back are longer.

7. One Side Waves

The golden bob has long layers on one side that are moved to the side and shorter layers on the other sides.

8. Edgy Short Bob

The front of the short bob has side-swept bangs, and the back has wider side tips. A mil shave near the eye makes a person look even more punk.

9. Retro Mix

The retro mix gives the style a great look. Curly, wavy hair with a flower that makes the style look even better.

10. Pixie Long Bangs

The pixie style has long bangs that frame the face and uneven, smaller layers behind.

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