10 Romantic Getaways for Couples in Hidden Corners of the World

Whatever your budget, the Indonesian island of Bali is the perfect place to stay. There are five-star spa resorts sprinkled along the shoreline, but you only need to venture a little inland or off the beaten path to bag a bargain.

Bali, Indonesia

There’s no country on earth like Japan, and Kyoto is Japan encapsulated. This is the place for wandering among traditional architecture, weeping willow trees, immaculate landscaped gardens, and paper lanterns.

Kyoto, Japan

You can snorkel or scuba dive at Heart Reef, follow the trails into the Queensland bush, or indulge in all sorts of adrenaline-inducing activities.

Hamilton Island, Australia

f you hear the call of the wild, head to the Okavango Delta in Botswana. There are some superb eco-lodges to stay in – think four-poster beds with dazzlingly white mosquito nets and spacious bathrooms.

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Marrakech feels like a far-flung, exotic location at any time of the year, but is particularly appealing when it’s winter in Europe and North America.

Marrakech, Morocco

Sultry Buenos Aires is one sexy city, where South American and European cultures fuse to form one appealing melting pot.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Take a road trip for the ideal way to explore, stopping wherever you want as the whim takes you. Don’t forget your hiking boots so you can reach that remote, deserted beach or untouched part of the forest.

Big Sur, California

Another country that’s begging to be explored by car is Iceland. The Ring Road route runs for over 800 miles and takes in the stunning coastline, but of course, you don’t have to do it all.

Ring Road, Iceland

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