10 Super Cute Short Pixie Cuts For Your New Look

1. Short Choppy Pixie Haircut. 

A golden pixie's cuteness always shines out. Allow a few pieces to dangle longer in the front to maintain the look feminine.

2. Lavender Pixie. 

You can surely show off that gorgeous set of glasses or sunglasses with an extremely short pixie cut!

3. Cool Extra-Short Gray Pixie. 

As if an extremely short pixie wasn't enough, add an all-over gray for added oomph.

4. Short Curly Pixie. 

Bleach-blonde pixies are ideal for the summer months. Add a little wave and you're good to go!

5. Bowl Cut Pixie. 

A blonde pixie that is long on top and buzzed on the bottom is really trendy.

6. Iced Short Pixie. 

When a blonde is taken to ice, a short blonde pixie cut looks much better.

7. Fine Hair Pixie. 

Short pixie cuts for fine hair might deceive the world into believing you have thicker strands.

8. Short Shaved Pixie Cut. 

Your photo will appear beneath the term "edge" in the dictionary when you walk out of the salon with a pixie fade.

9. Short Pixie with Long Bangs. 

The precisely formed pixie has body in the front and a clean tapering nape.

10. Short Clippered Pixie. 

Side-swept bangs and a little length in front of the ears soften and sweeten an otherwise aggressive pixie.

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