11 Stunning Hairstyles To Make You Look Youthful

1. Textured Pixie

Sharon Lawrence looks stunning in her textured pixie cut. Textured waves at the crown and forehead minimize small wrinkles and thicken a thinning hairline in the pixie.

2. Tousled Side-Swept Bangs

This disheveled, side-swept hairdo gives Kate Winslet's stunning face depth and volume. Texturize your bangs to keep them bouncy. Faux bangs are possible with this style.

3. Bangs All The Way

A delicately feathery fringe, known as The French Facelift, suits ladies over 40. With bangs, Halle Berry is a vision. Also, her hair ends are feathered. 

4. Asymmetrical Blonde Bob

Gorgeous Oh, Uma Thurman never disappoints! To seem timeless, copy Ms. Thurman's exquisite style. Choose an asymmetrical bob with a moderate angle. 

5. Naturally Straight

Add volume to your hair by separating it opposite your natural parting if you have a round face.

6. Braid It

Nicole Kidman nails any hairdo. She's sporting a side-parted braid. Upturned hair adds volume and frames her face well. Keep the braid easy and silky.

7. Half Ponytail With No Parting

The modest half ponytail of Marcia Cross is stunning. It doesn't have a parting, but gentle teasing has increased volume at the top. This hides a long forehead without bangs.

8. Perfect High Bun

The huge, high bun is popular for ladies over 40. It gives your hair plenty of volume and is romantic.

9. Face-Framing Half Ponytail

X-Men actress Rebecca Romijn looks great in her half ponytail with a mismatched split. The waves and highlights enhance her beauty.

10. Blonde Face-Framing Layers

Cameron Diaz consistently stuns with blonde hair. Layers are a miracle for shaping hair with bounce and volume.

11. Classy And Elegant

Take a cue from Michelle Yeoh's effortless youth! A low bun with modest side bangs is sophisticated. They suit a hectic conference, formal occasion, or cocktail party. 

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