12 Curly Bob Hairstyles For Genuinely Marvelous Looks

1. Curly Wedge Haircut. 

Brighten up your bob with some highlights and sloppy style. The curled bangs are a fantastic accent.

2. Feminine Voluminous Bob. 

Is it any surprise that everyone wants a bob haircut? It does wonders on your curls.

3. Elegant Afro Bob. 

A voluminous layered lob hairstyle with a fringe will highlight your natural curls and frame your face. Use a moisturizer before styling your mane to make your loops stand out even more.

4. Curly Asymmetrical Bob. 

Asymmetry on curls isn't as stark and obvious as it is on straight hair, but it works and adds intrigue to a basic cut!

5. Asymmetrical Curly Angled Bob. 

The angled bob is really trendy, and everyone loves it! Why? It's appropriate for all hair types and maintains your hair manageable during styling.

6. Tall Messy Olive Blonde Bob. 

Maintain your natural roots while adding a gorgeous golden hue to your curls. The impact is incredible!

7. Short Curly Bob. 

Consider the rear angle of this amazing rounded bob hairdo. It like a fluffy curling cloud!

8. Dark Brown Curly Bob. 

This is not only a beautiful appearance, but it is also highly glamorous. To make the most of this adorable lob, style it with a side part.

9. Short Bob with Curls. 

An inverted bob haircut will highlight the texture and volume of your well-defined curls. They will not seem rebellious or crazy, but rather elegant and stylish.

10. Big Highlighted Curls. 

A blonde balayage may bring out your curls and make you seem fresh and chic. Use a curling iron to get those loops. To preserve their form, spritz with hairspray.

11. Messy Curly Bob Haircut. 

If you have wavy hair, a short one-length bob combed over for a flattering asymmetrical style may easily achieve a beautiful messy look.

12. Short Curly Stacked Bob. 

Choose a short bob and use a curling iron to produce smooth waves for a sensual and fresh look.

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