12 Unique Short Bob With Bangs Styles For Blunt Cuts

1. Curtain Bangs

If your bangs are overgrown, divide your hair in the center for curtain bangs. This 1970s style is trendy, so why not try it?

2. Strawberry Blonde

For fun, flirtatious, and vibrant hair, choose strawberry blonde.

3. Silky Side Bangs

For a magazine-worthy style, add gloss to your hair and choose side bangs over full ones.

4. Dark Color

A sleek and edgy cut with bangs will highlight your striking dark brown hair. This dark color offers a one-color style depth by making hair seem smooth and lustrous!

5. Grown Out

A lob is a good temporary style until you can go to the salon. The stylish length won't disappear soon. An inconvenient length between cuts is no problem.

6. Classic Bob

We appreciate the traditional and original qualities of the bob, and this design honors it. Blunt? Check. Completely stylish bangs? Yes, ma'am. This style suits ladies of all ages, and we adore it.

7. Cropped Bangs

Make your bangs pretty by cropping them. These thin, wispy bangs soften your style without harshly defining it like other full-fringe designs.

8. Blunt Edges

An edgy style is achieved with harsh bangs and a blunt bob. Instead of the previous appearance, this one uses rough lines and blunt edges to be dramatic.

9. Blonde Shag Bob

Try a trendy, bohemian look with lighter colors. Toning shampoo keeps blonde hair bright.

10. Cropped Bob

The blunt style will show off your thick hair and gorgeous strands.  Many ladies with thicker hair use layers to break up the thickness, but this style makes a statement.

11. Short Bob with Bangs

What's not to love about this short bob with bangs? Cool girl-approved, it's everything you need to revive your hair. Micro bangs let you wear bangs without covering your face!

12. Naturally Curly

On naturally curly hair, a short bob with bangs is elegant and exciting. Many ladies believe they can't wear bangs with curly hair since childhood.

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