7 Cute Kittens You Might Want To Impulse Adopt

Tiny Kitten With Big Hair

This is what a storm cloud would look like if it rained cats.

Cute Kitten Who Looks Like a Terror

It's clear in his eyes. He's primed to pounce on anything moving, including your bare feet. But we wouldn't be upset.

Two Adorable Best Friends

You call yourself a ruthless predator, don't you? The one thing these two are relentless about is their want for cuddles.

How Is This Cute Kitten Curly?

Curly Sue should be her name. Without a doubt.

Every Witch Needs a Cat

You don't have to be a witch to be enchanted by this adorable kitten's fluffy face. We've already fallen under his spell without even meeting him.

Nap Buddy Wouldn’t Hurt, Either

The range of kitten colors is incredible. We'd adopt one of each of the stormcloud kittens, void kitties, and cheerful carrot cake kitties if they didn't need food or veterinary care.

Dead. We Are Dead.

Arrest these kitties for murder because their sweetness killed us. 

Kitten This Cute Can’t Be Real

It has to be manipulated in some way. A face this lovely cannot happen by chance.

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