Fish is high in Omega-3s

Omega-3s offer many health benefits, from supporting brain function to reducing inflammation.

It is low in calories

Fish provide an excellent foundation for balanced and calorie-conscious meals.

It is a good source of vitamin D

Fatty fish options like salmon and tuna are natural sources of vitamin D, an essential nutrient for bone health

It can help you manage hunger

Since fish is an excellent lean protein source, it can satisfy hunger and stave off cravings by helping you feel satiated.

It is affordable

The hefty price tag on salmon and swordfish often discourages people from regularly eating fish.

It's easy to cook

Most fish have a quick cooking time and can be baked, fried, seared, boiled, and even grilled

Fish is highly versatile

The beautiful thing about fish is that you can do a lot with it and incorporate it into many meals to prevent you from getting bored

It is a rich source of iodine

Saltwater fish are excellent sources of iodine, a vital mineral for thyroid function and metabolic health