7 Super Short Blunt Bob Hairstyles for Every Female

1. Curly Blunt Bob

Curly hair grows best when it is cut short, which makes sense. Get a blunt cut to show off your hair.

2. Sleek Bob

A smooth bob with bangs is a look that will never go out of style. Keep your bangs cut just above your eyes for a feminine look.

3. Model-Off-Duty Bob

This bob, which was inspired by a model-off-duty look, is the right mix of style, edge, and class. The texture is wavy, and the bangs are a little long, which gives it a little edge while still keeping the classic cut.

4. Red Bob

Copper isn't a new color for fall, but we love how it looks with a bob with waves. If you need a change this season, this is the best way to warm up your look.

5. Side-Part Natural Bob

When natural hair is cut short, it looks and feels great. You don't have to worry as much about breaking, and if you choose a side-part, your hair will look fuller right away.

6. Curved Under Bob

This short, straight bob looks like it was cut by a French girl. Curl the ends of your hair under itself to keep this chin-length bob looking young.

7. Stick-Straight Bob

Straight is sometimes best for blunt cuts. This style has hair that is very straight and looks great with a middle part.

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