14 Adorable Hairstyles For School Girls

1. Simple Back Knot

Begin with something simple! A little detail may alter the look of a hairdo. This style retains well and gives depth to loose wavy hair without requiring much work from your child.

2. Single Colorful Braid

Another simple haircut that can brighten your child's face! One side of the head is adorned with a ribbon braid in this lovely design. It's little, but it adds color to braids.

3. Heart Knot

This love knot is a simple clip on the back of the head. Once completed, this hairstyle will be a hit. To sit properly without seeming weird, the knot requires long, straight hair.

4. Pinned Braided Heart

Another heart-patterned design that is appropriate for young girls. This popular pattern is done on one side of the head and is easy to do!

5. Double Braid Headband

It is worn by fantasy fairies and pixies. This haircut also looks different on different hair types. Make these braids with a bright ribbon to brighten up your hairstyle.

6. Stacked Braid Hairdo

A single braid may dress up a simple hairstyle. What if the hairstyle had a lot of braids? Not the protective types. Instead, something quick and easy!

7. Half Ponytail With Side Twists

Twisted hairstyles are popular among young women. The twists are reminiscent of a tiara. This hairstyle will delight your princess-obsessed youngster. A fantastic and lovely sight!

8. Fancy Three-Strand Braid

You enjoy braids, but you should branch out. While simple to do, this lovely braid will make the hairstyle seem sophisticated and interesting. Give your youngster a look she'll want to show off!

9. Fancy Dutch Braid

This hairstyle is perfect for schoolgirl playdates! Girls look stunning with this intricate Dutch braid. Your youngster will be adored by her classmates. 

10. French Braided Crown Ponytail

This ponytail needs to be noticed! It exudes schoolgirl innocence as well as fashionista elegance. It also looks great with any outfit.

11. Loose Side Braid With Pin-Up Bow

Big polka-dot bows are fashionable, but so are solid colors, stripes, checks, and other patterns. A family gathering is the ideal occasion for your girl to wear this look! 

12. Double Dutch Braided Pony

A double Dutch hairstyle adds interest. Young ladies who desire to impress would appreciate the tidy but dramatic crown braids. This haircut might make your child shine!

13. Scrunchy Bubble Hairdo

If your kid like elves and faeries, she will adore this design. This scrunchy bubble hairstyle is inspired by a wild fruit and nut crown. It's simple, so give it a go.

14. Half Top Knot

This timeless hairdo is popular among people of all ages. This hairstyle is innocent, straightforward, and attractive. This is a simple outfit for class and a playdate.   

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