Jumbo Box Braids For Women To Try At Home

1. Half Ponytail Jumbo Box Braids

It takes seconds to accomplish this hairdo. This hairstyle is perfect for work, rushing, and days when you don't want your hair to fall out.

2. High Ponytail Jumbo Box Braids

Box braids look great and add volume. A high ponytail shows them off. Weave box braids with colorful threads to liven up your protective braids.

3. Star Accessorized Jumbo Box Braids

Try these simple black jumbo braids and pull back the front ones. Add some shine to your ensemble with a few stylish star beads.

4. Red Accented Jumbo Box Braids Ponytail

Adding red accent extensions to your braids and decorating them with ribbons and silver beads may elevate this simple style. No one will be able to ignore you!

5. Platinum Blonde Jumbo Box Braids

This woman understands how to protect. Platinum blonde giant box braid ponytails are perfect for stunning hair transformations. It is bold, inspiring, and celebrity-ready.

6. Criss Cross Accented Jumbo Box Braids

Playing with colorful thread may lend beauty to basic jet black giant box braids. For a regal look, wrap gold and copper threads around certain strands in a zigzag pattern.

7. Blunt Cut Off Jumbo Box Braids

Instead of tapering, natural-looking ends, fasten giant braids a couple of inches before the ends using hair elastics. Cut the ends uniformly to seem blunt.

8. Funky Pink And Blue Jumbo Box Braids

Brick-patterned gigantic braids with cotton candy pink and electric blue extensions will make you the light of the party and the focus of attention wherever you go.

9. Gold Beaded Jumbo Box Braids

A few gold bead accessories may revitalize your protective style. Insert them on your braids as you choose and watch your easy hair appearance become beautiful!

10. Colorfully Threaded Jumbo Box Braids

Take some bright threads and start! To create a creative and fresh hairstyle, knot these bright zigzag threads in a half bun to several braids.

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