Makeover Yourself With 1930s Hairstyles

1. Finger Wave Bob

Make a romantic statement with structured finger waves. Make S-shaped waves with your fingers and a comb wherever you want them. Use bobby pins to hold the waves in place until they dry.

2. Curls and Flowers

Flowers and curls were popular hairstyles in the 1930s. Very curly hair was trimmed into layers and often secured into a basic bun, allowing the curls to rule in a controlled way.

3. Waterfall Waves

Long staggered waves, cascade waves, or Marcel waves—you can call them anything you want—were a trademark of Hollywood stars.

4. French Twist

The French Twist sounds like a fancy coffee or a rich dessert. And, as the name implies, the updo may be worn whenever you want to feel particularly exceptional.

5. Curled Bob

On a night out on the town, women of the 1930s liked and donned miniature cocktail hats. To get the similar effect, use a flat iron to create waves to your bob.

6. Pin Curls & Front Wave Short Hair Updo

With this Old Hollywood glam updo, you can really up your hair game.

7. Finger Waves and Low Pony

This style allows long hair to shine. The heat-protecting spray prevents hair from damage caused by hot instruments while also making it seem lustrous. 

8. Glitter and Curls

Add some glitter to your hair to complete the effect. This look is ideal for a Christmas party or an opulent romantic night out, and it is certain to turn attention.

9. Curly Pixie Photo

Slicked-back sides and height on top characterize curly hair. Blow-dry the hair in place after softly pulling it up with your fingertips.

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