Popular Curtain Bangs Hairstyles for All Hair Textures And Lengths

1. Straight Curtain Bangs with Highlights. 

Curtain bangs might make your eyes look better. This simple, trendy haircut is good for work or play.

2. Long Curtain Bangs with Defined Disconnection.

 This long fringe has clear parts to add interest and balance an elongated face shape. This is different from most hairstyles, which mix curtain bangs with layers that frame the face.

3. Curtain Bangs with a Center Part. 

The best bangs are shoulder-length and part in the middle. Your soft, wavy hair makes you look like you just got out of bed.

4. Curtain Bangs with Step Layers. 

This hairstyle looks great with thick layers and curtain bangs. Longer hanging bangs that frame your face get their shape from layers of texture and movement.

5. Choppy Curtain Bangs with Layers and Highlights. 

When highlighting dark hair, add golden lines to the fringe to make the face look lighter and sun-kissed.

6. Long Feathered Curtain Bangs. 

Most people have curtain bangs. Layers that blend into your hair and frame your face look good with any hairstyle and length.

7. Long Flipped Curtain Bangs. 

A skilled stylist can figure out the best way for each customer to wear these bangs. When they are cut and shaped right, they match the shape of the face and the person's style.

8. Balayaged Long Curtain Bangs with Long Hair. 

This is a beautiful look for long hair with curtain bangs. Layers, curtain bangs, and balayage on the whole head give hair a natural look.

9. Sandy Blonde Curtain Bangs with a Wave. 

Curtain bangs can be cut for more than just a different look. Your long fringe will look great with beach waves even if your hair is straight.

10. Curtain Bangs with Wavy Hair. 

Medium-length hair looks great with soft curtain bangs that blend in with scruffy hair. There will be volume and bounce!

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