Protective Hairstyles That Are Surely Worth Your Attention

1. Neat Braids with Cuffs. 

Curvy braids on black hair can make you appear like a queen.

2. Protective Lemonade Braids. 

Why have braids that go all the way down your back when you can braid them in both directions around your head? This design is appropriate for narrow edges.

3. Low Braided Updo. 

Make two braids on each side and feed them into a lovely pretzel-shaped bun at the neck for a stylish, eye-catching updo.

4. Fancy Protective Style. 

Protective styles for natural hair are far from dull - this stunner resembles a crown!

5. Protective Cornrows and Curly Ponytail. 

Natural hair with tight coils looks best down and untamed or up in a princess pony.

6. Easy Peasy Half-Protective Style. 

On 4c hair, get up and go with a simple side braid pushed through beads.

7. Dramatic Low Bun Style. 

This braided updo adds drama to the top and a lot more to the bottom with a rounded braided bun. It's not a new concept, but it's still a wonderful choice to try on 4c hair.

8. Two Puffy Boxer Braids. 

Make a statement with edgy braids pulled apart once braided for a thicker, more stunning look.

9. 6-Stitch Braids. 

A protective hairdo that is as stylish as it is functional. The well-defined, crisp portions of stitch braiding are stunning. This haircut also puts less pressure on your scalp.

10. Easy and Quick Braided Pony. 

Need to get your hair out of the way yet still look pretty? A braided pony is a timeless and effective protective style.

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