The 10 Shag Hairstyles That Are Trending Now

1. Platinum Blonde Wavy Shag. 

A platinum blonde wavy shag hairstyle will bring out your Marilyn Monroe side.

2. Long Center-Parted Shag Haircut. 

A centre-parted long layered shag hairstyle looks easy and attractive.

3. Cute Mid-Length Shag. 

This cute shag hairstyle reminds us of Zooey Deschanel, and we like it! Bring out your romantic side with this low-maintenance style and always appear on-point.

4. Fiery Modern Shaggy Cut. 

 A short shag with shadow roots and a foxy colour makes a memorable creative blend that is worth a shot! Furthermore, the large feathery bangs perfectly enhance this look.

5. Shag Cut with Curtain Bangs. 

Shag hairstyles with curtain bangs are an excellent combination for producing outstanding volume. Add highlights and waves for more texture and a sun-kissed appearance.

6. Modern Shag Haircut. 

The new shag hairdo is more informal than the iconic 1970s version: rock'n'roll stars' haircuts now appear more feminine and easygoing.

7. Thin Hair Shag. 

When body is played up on top, a shag haircut for thin hair may give the illusion of bigger locks.

8. Long Choppy Shag Haircut. 

A long shag haircut may frame your face nicely while also adding a bit of disarray to your image. If you're a rebel at heart, go for this choppy cut.

9. Shaggy Bob Haircut. 

The cheeky brunette bob haircut is ideal for people who wish to spice up the standard short shag cut. Your eyes and cheekbones will be highlighted by the piece-y bangs.

10. Shoulder-Length Shaggy Hairstyle. 

You don't have to go shorter because shag haircuts are suitable for all hair lengths and textures. You may finish by adding waves and accents.

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