Top 10 Signs You Are A Sigma Male

1. Ignorant of Authority

Living outside of the social hierarchy inhibits a sigma male's urge to follow leaders significantly. Nonconformist is another word that fits.

2. Content in Solitude

The term of introverted alpha is frequently used to sigma guys. This is true since sigmas are introverts on the introvert/extrovert scale.

3. Easily Adapts to Change

Their adaptable nature allow them to adapt to many conditions. They may engage with numerous social structures while remaining outside of them.

4. Treats everyone equally

The sigma male engages others out of genuine curiosity or interest. This is in stark contrast to the alpha, who seeks to dominate or at least take something of value from others.

5. Peaceful and contemplative

Sigma males, like alphas, can read everyone in a room, but they don't feel the need to showcase their intelligence.

6. Self-Sufficiency

The guiding force of the sigma man is independence. You shun authority if you are a sigma. You'll want a way of living that allows you to control your own destiny.

7. High Self-Awareness

Sigma guys know what they want out of life since they have given it much consideration and rejected the duties that would be required of them in a traditional hierarchy.

8. Marches to His Own Drummer

A sigma guy is not required to follow trends or perform what is expected of him. He marches to the rhythm of his own drum, not to stand out or impress, but because it's who he is.

9. Frequently mysterious or enigmatic

The Sigma person isn't required to wear his emotions on his sleeve or to show every piece of himself to everyone. Others may be unable to read him or understand what he is thinking.

10. Dangerous Flirts

The Sigma guy might flirt with harmful circumstances since he is autonomous and does not always cooperate with authorities. He's neither a problem or a lawbreaker, but he's not afraid to cross the line.

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