Top 10 Stunning Permed Hairstyles For Women Over 60

1. Messy Vintage Perm

This retro messy perm gives you your Meg Ryan moment! If you've been obsessed with perms since 'Harry Met Sally,' try this hairstyle.

2. Disheveled Layered Perm

Disheveled perms with unruly wavy strands are perfect for informal situations. Adopt the ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ mindset. Flowers may enhance the casual haircut.

3. Blonde Spiral Perm

These spiral-created tight, bouncy curls are stunning. However, bleaching your hair blonde before perming it will always make you beach-ready.

4. Looks-Quite-Natural Perm

Narrow curling rods during perming give this hairdo its curls. As much as females hate frizz, brushing out this perm creates gorgeous frizz.

5. Mohawk Perm

What's better than one hair change? No doubt, double hair transformation! Wearing a Mohawk alone is brave.

6. Big Mane Spiral Perm

Want to revitalize your drab hair? A spiral perm will give your long hair beautiful curls and dynamic structure from roots to ends. The coolest thing is that you'll have lion-like hair!

7. Super Defined Root Perm

Nothing is hotter than distinct ringlet curls that fly everywhere. Perms raise hair from the roots. You get volume around your head and bouncy curls that could make anybody kneel.

8. Mid-Length Diffused Perm

Diffuse drying your perm is great for texture and expansion. It opens and defines curls beautifully. Additionally, jet black curls are unmatched.

9. Bushy Perm

In a Eurocentric beauty culture, bushy hair is “bad”. Look at the girl's amazing hair! You don't always need many hair products to obtain precisely defined curls with permed hair.

10. Crazy Multi Textured Perm

Messy hair is trendy in the 21st century! This multi-textured perm creates messier, more natural curls with different-sized curling rods.

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