Trendy Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair To Try This Season

1. Bowl Cut

The wispy fringe on this edgy hairdo highlights your cheekbones and jawline. The classic haircut looks great with black hair, but a few light blonde highlights lighten it up.

2. Pinned Back Bob

The hairdo emphasizes the jawline and is powerful and appealing. Simply grab some front strands, twist them, and pin them in the back to complete this elegant style.

3. The Tomboy Pixie

This tomboy pixie is stylish with soft layers. Feathered ends highlight the jawline. Thin your bangs to balance this style. Short layers also make you seem younger.

4. Pointed Pixie

This gorgeous pixie cut combines edge and style. Layers and bangs have sharp, flipped ends. This enhances your features. If you have broad cheeks or a severe jawline, avoid this pixie.

5. The Deep Side-Sweep Tuck

 This applies especially to fine-haired ladies. You can pull off the 'tuck behind the ear' look beautifully. Apply lightweight foam to your hair and part it thoroughly on one side.

6. Moussed Back Pixie

Pixies look best with mousse. This keeps your hair from seeming gelled. Smooth and shiny. Combing your hair using mousse on your comb.

7. Classic Highlighted Bob

Short hair growing out? Cut it into a sleek bob. Give it some sparkle with highlights. The finest part of growing out your hair is adding layers to cuts. Remember those long side-swept bangs!

8. Shadow Root Bob

Unfortunately, not all facial shapes can pull this off. This cut accentuates oval faces but big cheekbones. Feather the ends to highlight your jawline.

9. Flicked-Out Ends

Shag haircuts were popular in the 1990s. Introducing a new short shag. This flicked-out pixie is modernized. Soft, flowing layers with neatly trimmed edges.

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